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Pensions Buzz
Pensions Buzz
Professional Pensions
3 Jan 2019 United Kingdom Automatic Enrolment, Pension Liberation, Regulatory Bodies - the Pensions Regulator, Trustees
Professional Pensions has published the latest edition of Pensions Buzz, a weekly survey which monitors the attitudes and opinions of the industry. This edition's questions include:
  • Lesley Titcomb has suggested TPR should be allowed to create its own rules, subject to some safeguards. Do you agree?;
  • What effect do you believe the pensions cold-calling ban will have on reducing the number of scams?;
  • How much do you believe the 2019 auto-enrolment contribution rate rise will increase opt-out rates?;
  • Do you believe the CMA’s recommendation that fiduciary management tenders should include at least three firms is too high, too low or about right?;
  • Should schemes and/or employers sponsor mid-life planning for members?; and
  • Do you believe GMP calculations will ever be understood by members, or even trustees?

More details are generally available exclusively to subscribers of Perspective, the electronic pensions legal & regulatory information and news service. To read the summary, subscribers should launch Perspective and navigate via the Table of Documents to PensionSurveys >> Jan 2019 or click here (this link will not work in all circumstances). For further information about Perspective click here.

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