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Study shows retirement is "work and play" for many Americans
Study shows retirement is "work and play" for many Americans
The Vanguard Group
Jan 2007 United States Savings, Pensioners & Retirement, Countries - US
According to a study from the Vanguard Group, entitled "Six Paths to Retirement", the conventional view of retirement - working full-time until a set date and then shifting to full-time leisure - does not match the experience of many older Americans. This study explores the transition from the world of work to the world of retirement. Using actual work histories, the study identifies six distinct paths from work to retirement and examines the triggers that influence these paths. The report highlights the importance of financial preparation and saving in determining the transition from work to retirement. For those with the financial resources, a flexible work arrangement - or no work at all - are possible paths. For those who are short on retirement savings, work in some form will play an important role in helping close the savings gap.

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Results 1 of 1.