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Age discrimination continues to be a major barrier for older jobseekers
Age discrimination continues to be a major barrier for older jobseekers
The Age and Employment Network (TAEN)
27 Oct 2008 United Kingdom Legislation, Equality
According to an online survey by the Age and Employment Network (TAEN), only 10% of  jobseekers aged 50+ say they had never experienced age discrimination when looking for work and just 13% thought the age discrimination legislation introduced in October 2006 had helped older people find work. In a survey of 370 jobseekers aged 50+ carried out between January and September 2008, a majority highlighted employers’ perceptions as a factor which had contributed most to their difficulties in getting work. Nearly two-thirds (63%) believed they were seen as too old by employers and 42% said they were seen as too experienced or over-qualified.

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