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Companies should give greater clarity in pension disclosures
Companies should give greater clarity in pension disclosures
Report Leadership
11 Jan 2007 United Kingdom Surpluses and Deficits, Investment - General, Funding and Minimum Funding Requirement, Disclosure, Administration, Accounting
Companies that want to ensure that investors and other stakeholders do not misinterpret the impact and significance of the company’s pension obligations need to rethink and be more creative about the way information is presented in their annual accounts and reports. This is a key message of Report Leadership, a multi-stakeholder group and producers of a new guide which those preparing annual reports, reviews and accounts can follow, to communicate better with investors. The guidance covers many aspects of corporate reporting and makes recommendations that will provide a clearer picture of the importance of the pension liability within an organisation as a whole. These are brought to life by an accompanying annual report of a fictitious company, Generico, which includes explanations of the mortality tables used to calculate pension liabilities and a "sensitivity analysis" of actuarial assumptions.

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