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As retirement lifestyle expectations fall, savings stress rises
As retirement lifestyle expectations fall, savings stress rises
Mercer HR Services
30 Oct 2006 United States Scheme Issues & Trends, Savings, Pensioners & Retirement, Investment - General, Countries - US
Employees are scaling back their expectations and ambitions for life in retirement, as they recognise that they are not saving enough to support the lifestyle they envisioned. This is according to the latest version of the Mercer Workplace Survey, a national study of employee attitudes and behaviours around their company sponsored benefits plans conducted annually by Mercer HR Services. This year’s Survey indicates that 401(k) plan participants are becoming increasingly distracted from the process of saving for retirement. While still the number one savings objective overall, retirement is losing ground to other more immediate financial needs including paying off debt, funding a child’s education, and saving for unexpected expenses. The survey shows “saving for retirement” and “just keeping up with my monthly expenses” are virtually tied as participants’ biggest economic worry. Coupled with a less optimistic economic outlook that has taken hold among participants, two of three respondents now acknowledge they are not saving enough for retirement. Yet, by almost the same margin they believe they will have time to “catch up on my 401(k) contributions before I retire.”

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Results 1 of 1.