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Demographic change to encourage greater competition between banks and pension funds
Demographic change to encourage greater competition between banks and pension funds
European Central Bank
25 Oct 2006 Europe (including EU) Occupations/Industry Sectors, Investment - General, Funding and Minimum Funding Requirement, European Union issues
The European Central Bank (ECB) today published its annual report on EU banking structures, prepared by the Banking Supervision Committee of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). The report, which has been published each year since 2002, contains two topical studies on the impact of an ageing population on EU banks and the changing structure of EU banks’ funding, as well as the implications of this on their activities. The overall impact of demographic changes is difficult to assess, said the study, as different factors may have counterbalancing effects on banks’ income and profitability. On the one hand, demographic changes may exert downward pressure on banks’ intermediation ratios and on the demand for consumer credit and mortgages, thus reducing net interest income. On the other hand, banks may respond to these developments by offering new products tailored to more senior customers, as well as asset management and advisory services, leading to an increase in non-interest income. At the same time, the potential increase in new products could be accompanied by new risks (eg longevity risks), which may require banks to adapt their risk management. Banks could also respond to demographic changes by diversifying their activities on an international level. Competition within the banking sector and from non-bank financial intermediaries may also intensify.

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