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How Long do People Expect to Live? Results and Implications
Research report on perceptions of mortality
Centre for Risk & Insurance Studies
Mar 2005 United Kingdom Pensioners & Retirement
Survey of over 3500 individuals in Great Britain, questioned on how long they expected to live. On average, they under-estimated by 4.62 years (males) and  5.95 years (females) compared with the estimates of the Government Actuary’s Department. On average they were optimistic in the sense of thinking they would live longer than other people of their age and sex. Relevant risk factors seem to be taken into account in forming expectations, but not always accurately; in particular, smokers appeared to under-state risks significantly. A “reference group effect” was apparent: those in poor health, and smokers, gave relatively low answers for how long they thought people of their age and sex would live. The survey also found that people who under-estimated how long the population was expected to live were significantly less likely to have bought a pensions policy.

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