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Indicative revenue effects on pensions and pensioners
Indicative revenue effects on pensions and pensioners
Care and State Pension Reform (CASPeR)
Mar 2018 United Kingdom State Pensions, Taxation, Welfare Reform
The Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) has published a research report for the Care and State Pension Reform (CASPeR) project looking at the impact of changes to income tax and National Insurance contributions (NI) recommended to raise revenue to fund increased spending on long-term care for older people upon those over State Pension age (SPa). The report considers the number of individuals over SPa who have an income tax liability, the potential impact of raising income tax rates and reducing personal allowances upon those individuals, and the likely effect of changes to the NI system in relation to pensions.
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Increasing the State Pension each year by less than the triple lock would allow the Government to boost long-term care and disability benefits uprating
Care and State Pension Reform research
Care and State Pension Reform (CASPeR)
Dec 2016 United Kingdom State Pensions, Pensioners & Retirement
The Care and State Pension Reform (CASPeR) research team has published two reports. The first report, "Interactions between state pension and long-term care reforms", summarises the findings from a research project which aims to promote informed debate on how reforms could evolve and highlights the interactions between the two systems. The second, "The costs and distributional effects of alternative uprating policies", considers the projected impacts of reforms to the state pension and reforms to long-term care and shows that the effects of both sets of reforms will depend on how details of the systems are set in future years.

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Results 1-2 of 2.