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Ageing Asia's looming pension crisis
Ageing Asia's looming pension crisis
Asian Development Bank
Jul 2009 Viet Nam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Democratic People'S Republic Of, Indonesia, China Pensioners & Retirement, Investment - General, Funding and Minimum Funding Requirement, Countries - excl. European Union and US
Working paper No 165 from the Asian Development Bank, entitled "Ageing Asia’s looming pension crisis" and written by Donghyun Park, examines how old-age income support is becoming an issue of growing importance throughout Asia. This paper provides a broad overview of the current state of the pension systems in the People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, and identifies their major structural weaknesses. Key systemic failures were found to be low coverage, inadequate benefits, lack of financial sustainability, and insufficient support for the elderly poor. The paper concludes with some specific policy directions for pension reform to strengthen the capacity of Asian pension systems in delivering economic security for the growing number of the elderly in the region.

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